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Certus Medicolegal is part of the Wessex Knee group. We provide an expert witness report writing service with high quality, efficiently produced reports focused on trauma and orthopaedics.

Certus was created to allow legal teams to link directly with specialist trauma and orthopaedic expert witnesses. We are not an agency but rather a chambers bringing together the best in the field to provide the highest quality service possible. We cover the full range of specialties required for trauma and orthopaedic claims.


Why us?

By carefully selecting a well-qualified and experienced team who cover all specialty areas within orthopedics and trauma and supporting specialties, we can streamline the process of finding an expert witness by providing a single point of contact. Our surgeons are all experienced tertiary referral physicians and form part of the Major Trauma Network.  We have a unique experience with complex polytrauma patients and understand the importance of team work and collaboration to achieve the best possible results. The same team work is applied to the creation of a full and robust expert witness report. 

What are the Advantages to you?

•    One point of contact for multi-specialty reporting.
•    Direct relationship with expert witnesses.
•    Standardised and consistent reports including terms & conditions for all.
•    No agency fees.
•    High quality, efficient and cost-effective reporting.
•    Carefully selected expert witnesses with experience in a major trauma network.
•    Vetted for GMC, ICO, DBS and Expert Witness Training.
•    In house clinical governance, training and professional support.


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