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About the Author

Robert Klapper, M.D., is clinical chief of orthopedics at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He takes pride in being a surgeon, an inventor with six patients for surgical tools, and award-winning sculptor, and a surfer. He lives in Encino, California, with his wife. Lynda Huey, a former athlete and UCLA track coach is the founder of CompletePT Pool & Land Physical Therapy in Los Angeles and the author of The Complete Waterpower Workout Book. She lives in Santa Monica, California.


An esteemed orthopaedic surgeon and a water-therapy expert team up to reveal the essentials, about your knees, how to get them back into shape, and how to prevent future pain and injury. They carefully examine and explain each part of the healing process - from basic function to long-term exercises - guiding you to a pain-free life. With detailed information on a variety of healing options, you will learn how to make the right decisions for your knees, understand when and why surgery is appropriate, and learn how simple exercise in your living room and in the pool can speed the post-surgical healing process.

Heal Your Knees: How to Prevent Knee Surgery & What to Do If You Need It

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