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Zimmer Nstride Injection: The Benefits of Using The Zimmer Nstride Injection

A Zimmer Nstride Injection at Wessex Knee in Southampton is used to treat an inflamed knee joint and to relieve pain by introducing high levels of good proteins into the bloodstream.

Zimmer Nstride Injection is used to overcome knee pain, and we know that everyone experiences knee pain at one time or another. There are many possible causes, including traumatic events, normal wear and tear, or Osteoarthritis. If Osteoarthritis is not treated at its minor or mild stage, then it can be really painful and can only be treated via surgery.

Let’s find out more about the causes of using the Zimmer Nstride Injection, how Zimmer Nstride Injection therapy works, and the benefits of using a Zimmer Nstride Injection.

What is Osteoarthritis

The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis, which happens when cartilage, which protects the ends of bones, wears down. The effects can vary from person to person, with some feeling minimal discomfort while others experiencing difficulty going about their day-to-day activities. You can also experience swelling, tenderness, and a gritty, rasping sensation in your knee with osteoarthritis.

The good proteins in your blood might obstruct the harmful proteins that are causing the inflammation in your joints. The quality of your cartilage can then be enhanced by additional healthy proteins. If the availability of healthy protein is decreased, the cartilage may begin to deteriorate.

With just one treatment, Nstride reduces knee joint pain and improves joint function, as well as slowing cartilage degradation. Let’s find out more about the Zimmer Nstride Injection and how it works.

What is a Zimmer Nstride Injection?

Even though osteoarthritis is frequently listed as one of the world's most incapacitating and even fatal diseases, the pharmaceutical companies only demonstrated 10 medications for osteoarthritis in clinical trials against hundreds for cancer.

The changing viewpoint and the impending, significant unmet clinical need have driven Zimmer Biomet to alter its strategies for addressing the osteoarthritis problem. The business hasn't disclosed many details of its multi-year strategic shift away from a focus almost entirely on implants and toward solutions for monitoring medical populations.

To relieve pain and perhaps prevent further cartilage loss in the knee joint, Zimmer Nstride APS Injection is a unique therapy that uses "good proteins" obtained from the patient's own body. It has been demonstrated to considerably lessen knee osteoarthritis pain for up to two years and enhance knee joint flexibility. Patients participating in a clinical outcomes trial after a single dose.

How Does Zimmer Nstride Injection work?

Inflammatory cytokines attack the cartilage and force it to degrade when you have osteoarthritis in your knee. They dominate the cytokines that fight inflammation. A single Zimmer Nstride injection of a protein liquid made from your blood is required to begin the treatment. Before the injection, blood is collected from an arm vein, centrifuged to remove undesirable blood components, and then spun once more to produce the protein liquid.

High concentrations of good proteins that are intended to prevent the harmful proteins and counteract their effects are introduced during therapy with Nstride APS. Since the injection includes anabolic growth factors that are good for cartilage health, Nstride APS treatments are different from conventional therapy in that they both reduce pain and slow cartilage deterioration.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

• In the weeks leading up to and following your injection, avoid all anti-inflammatory medications.

• It is important not to stop taking low-dose aspirin if it has been prescribed by your doctor.

• We recommend that you inform our booking team of any blood thinners you may be taking, so they can give you further instructions.

• One hour prior to your assessment, you are suggested to consume light food.

• To give yourself sufficient time to fill out a consent form, please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment.

• Follow the instructions provided on any prescription drugs.

• Put on comfortable clothing.

Benefits of Zimmer Nstride Injection

The following are the benefits of using Zimmer Nstride injection:

1. The only single-injection therapy with advantages that last for up to three years is Nstride. Your knee joint receives an injection that is super useful in reducing pain and redness.

2. Autologous refers to being your own. Your doctor can treat a sample of your blood to isolate and concentrate particular molecules. The OA process that is taking place in your knee is treated with healthy proteins. So, there is no harm in using your blood.

3. According to Clinical studies, the effects of a single injection can persist for up to 2-3 years, and in some studies, it has been shown to extend for 5 years. During this time, they may dramatically lessen discomfort, relax stiffness, and aid in regaining flexibility and mobility. In clinical tests, patients reported little to no discomfort following the surgery in 85% of cases and a symptom reduction of roughly 70% even 24 months later.

4. By injecting high concentrations of "good" proteins concentrated in your blood, the Zimmer Nstride injection procedure aims to reduce discomfort and restore equilibrium to your inflammatory knee joint. These "good" proteins have the ability to obstruct the "bad" proteins that are causing the inflammation in your joint. Zimmer Nstride injection also concentrates growth elements that are good for cartilage health at the same time.

5. Contrary to steroids and viscosupplementation, Zimmer Nstride Injection contains significant amounts of anabolic growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines, which may be able to slow the progression of the illness.

6. You receive an injection of these anti-inflammatory proteins into your knee joint. Ultimately, your joint health improves, your pain levels decrease, and your overall mobility increases.

7. Studies have demonstrated that Nstride dramatically lessens knee OA discomfort for up to 3 years. The OA-related knee joint's function is markedly improved.

8. After a single injection, it is discovered to be helpful for patients with Kellgren, and Lawrence stages 2 and 3 (mild to moderate OA). Three years after receiving a single injection, knee discomfort was reported to have improved by 70%.

9. Nstride injections are both safe and well-tolerated. Since it is made from your blood, there is nearly no possibility that you may experience an allergic reaction.

10. It is appropriate for all patients who do not want to undergo any procedures, and the entire injection process is completed quite quickly.

Things To Do Post Treatment

You may suffer minor joint swelling, redness, and localized pain on the day of your injection and for a few days later, depending on where the blood was drawn and the injection was given. If necessary, you can take paracetamol, but you should stay away from anti-inflammatory drugs.

After your injection, we advise waiting 14 days before engaging in any vigorous activity. To prevent knee joint irritation, limit all activities during the first four or five days, even walking. The Zimmer Nstride injection is a secure and reliable method of pain management that can assist you in returning to many of your favorite activities.


Osteoarthritis has a detrimental effect on the quality of life through pain and restricted mobility, which limits one's capacity to work and lowers one's self-esteem. The Nstride Autologous Protein Solution APS treatment should be used in conjunction with a targeted and thorough rehabilitative and training program for knee osteoarthritis to maximize the reduction in pain so you may resume doing the activities you love to do.

An excellent treatment made possible by Nstride Injection may lessen knee pain, enhance joint functionality, and delay cartilage deterioration. This treatment is administered in the doctor's office as a single, non-surgical injection.

The ground-breaking Zimmer Nstride Injection therapy is intended to relieve the discomfort and focus on the inflammation that causes osteoarthritis-related cartilage degeneration and deterioration. Blood is drawn to extract anti-inflammatory proteins and anabolic growth factors, which are then converted in a centrifuge before being injected back into the knee.

Your clinician can determine a clinic room where you will receive the injection. Contact Wessex Knee Surgery to find out if Zimmer Nstride Injection is right for you. One thing that must be kept in mind, Wessex Knee Surgery is the only clinic on the South coast of England that is offering the Zimmer Nstride Injection therapy.

So, avail this golden opportunity and book your appointment online. If you are someone you know is facing a minor to mild knee Osteoarthritis then Wessex knee are here to help.

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