Sports Injury Treatment -All minimally invasive or arthroscopic (keyhole):

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair – Arthrex Internal Brace – This incredible new technique developed in Glasgow, Scotland allows us to repair rather than replace your ACL. By adding the internal brace we can protect your ACL as it heals. This technique is quick and doesn’t require us to use your valuable hamstring tendons to create a replacement graft.  This means we can get you back to sport faster with less pain and and a less invasive operation. This is day surgery.

Primary (first time) and revision anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction – anatomical customised surgery – Mr Frame uses the latest in ACL surgical technology to get you back to sport as fast as possible. The arthrex All Inside system allows us to reconstruct your ACL using only one of your hamstring tendons rather than the traditional method of taking them both. This reduces the pain after surgery and retains as much of the power in your hamstrings as possible. It also allows us to place the new graft in exactly the position the old one was, giving you the best possible chance for a full recovery back to your sport. We often reinforce your graft using the innovative internal brace for those who demand the most from their knees.

Primary (first time) and revision posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction – Using the Arthrex All Inside system for PCL reconstruction allows us to reduce the risks and complications of this surgery over traditional techniques. Giving you the best chance of recovery and return to sport.

Anterolateral ligament (ALL) reconstruction – Using Arthrex Fibretape to create a new ligament to help prevent rotation on your knee. This allows us to treat challenging patients who have had a complex injury to their ACL and need extra support to protect their ACL reconstruction or ACL repair.

Medial collateral ligament (MCL) reconstruction – We can carry out minimally invasive repair and reconstruction of the MCL using the Arthrex Internal Brace to help us achieve and excellent result.

Lateral ligament and posterolateral corner reconstruction 

Medial Patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction including tibial tuberosity osteotomy – Mr Frame has received international fellowship training from the worlds best patellar instability surgeon Dr. David Dejour in Lyon France. Patellar instability is a highly complex problem and one that needs careful diagnosis and surgical planning and skill. Mr Frame uses Arthrex Swivel Lock and Fibretape to help recreate the ligaments required to stop the patella dislocating. This often also requires an osteotomy to change how the patella moves in its groove. We create 3D printed models of your knee to help plan and carry out the surgery to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Complex patellar instability reconstruction including trochleoplasty – dislocating knee caps/anterior knee pain – If you have patellar instability and the groove the patella should move in is poorly developed, as well as addressing your ligaments we may need to recreate the grove. This is complex surgery and we use our skills and knowledge in 3D printing to create models of your knee and carry out the surgery on the models to confirm our plan before ever touching you the patient. This allows us to give you the best possible outcome.

Meniscal repair and resection – Preserving your cartilage is vital and if possible we do everything we can to preserve your own. Mr Frame uses arthroscopic inside out suture systems to repair your meniscus to save you from arthritis in the future.

Patellar tendinopathy surgery – TOPAZ is a radiofrequency ablation system to allow us, in a minimally invasive fashion, treat chronic patellar tendinopathy that has often failed with other techniques with confidence and great outcomes.

Durolane Joint injection – We provide Hyaluronic Acid Injections which have been shown to significantly improve your pain and increase your functional ability with out resorting to joint replacement surgery.  Our Package Price including consultation is £475.

Joint Replacement/Resurfacing:

Primary (first time) and revision total knee replacement – Mr frame only carries out ODEP (Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel)  10A* rated primary knee replacement surgery. This is the highest rating any implant can have for safety. The implants we use are some of the highest performing in the UK national joint registry. Our primary concern is your outcome, your safety and keeping you moving for as long as possible.

Partial knee resurfacing including patellofemoral resurfacing (knee cap) – Mr Frame is passionate about giving patients the best possible outcomes. Data now shows that nearly 50% of patients currently treated with total knee replacements would actually be suitable for a partial knee resurfacing procedure. These procedures are less invasive, with a quicker recovery and lower risk to you life (mortality). They allow us to preserve your valuable ligaments, giving you a knee that functions more like your original knee allowing you to do more.

Patellar (knee cap) realignment surgery for arthritis – Mr Frame can also carry our patellar realignment surgery to help offload arthritis and reduce your pain. This is day surgery and can reduce the need to progress on to having more invasive surgeries such as total knee replacement.

Durolane Joint injection – We provide Hyaluronic Acid Injections which have been shown to significantly improve your pain and increase your functional ability with out resorting to joint replacement surgery.  Our Package Price including consultation is £475.

Trauma Surgery

Fracture fixation

Revision fracture surgery – optional 3D printed guides

Removal of metal work (plates and screws)

Joint injection – Steroid & Hyaluronic acid