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Virtual Fracture Clinic Innovation in the NHS by Mr Frame


Mr Frame is leading a fantastic new and innovative transformation to the trauma service in University Hospital Southampton. This service aims to be the best in the South of England providing a streamlined and efficient way of treating those with fractures. Not only reducing the time needed for patients to attend clinics, but to combat the breaching of patients in the emergency department but also saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds.

3D Printing of Bones


3D Printed Bones – Saving NHS Thousands – BBC News Article

One of  Mr Frame’s research interests is in using technology to improve patient care and outcomes. He developed a means to create physical 3D models of patients bones in plastic from CT and MRI scans. This was highlighted with extensive press coverage and featured on the BBC News at 6 and Radio 4. This technology created by Mr Frame allows him to plan and perfect your surgery before you even enter the operating theatre. He currently offers this customised 3D printed surgery planning for patellar stabilisation surgery, trochleoplasty surgery, partial and total knee resurfacing. Giving you the best possible outcomes.

3D Printing Research


Forbes Magazine – Surgeon 3D Prints Bones To Save Money

Mr Frame was even featured in Forbes Magazine for his innovations in 3D printing for orthopaedic surgery and improving patient care. Proving that cutting edge technology doesn’t cost the earth and can be made available to all!

3D Printing


Shapeways serves up prêt-à-imprimer 3D bones, Lagerfeld stands by for full skeletal replacement

3D Printing Company


Mr Frames Company – Creating 3D Printed Bone Models from CT/MRI

Mr Frame has also set up an small company allowing others to access this innovative technology. He has had requests from AO Vets in Switzerland, the US Marines, Artists, Facial Reconstruction Surgeons in New York, University of Edinburgh and many more.