PRP Knee Injection (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injections involve taking your own blood or bone marrow and separating out all the different constituents. The aim is to produce a concentrated solution containing important building blocks to help accelerate healing and repair. It also contain stem cells, which are special cells that can transform in to almost any tissue type. There are some studies showing promising and exciting results. Treatment of tendinopathies has shown improvement in pain with injections of PRP. It is also useful in helping meniscal Repair and ACL Internal Brace Repair, bringing all the building block for healing in a concentrated form.

PRP Study

PRP injections have also been studied for use in Osteoarthritis with some promising early results. We can talk you through whether your problem could be helped with PRP Injections.

PRP Study OA

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